Atlas Copco (India) Limited
Committed to sustainable productivity
High reliability
Reliable supply of compressed air makes
for smooth production. High quality
parts and generous safety margins
ensures continuous operations in
temperatures up to 46°C.

Easy to install and operate
Our compressors are easy to install,
operate and maintain. Following a
plug-and-play concept, all you need is a
flat floor, a power supply and an air net.
Latest compressor monitoring
technology for easy overview. Please
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Oil-lubricated screw compressor G
(VSD) & GX
Our G and GX oil-injected rotary screw
compressors are designed for reliability
and efficiency. Will operate continuously
in the harshest environments, avoiding
costly downtime and production delays.
Products & Services
How much can you
save on your pumps?
PUMP AUDIT and find
If you think pumps are
expensive, consider the
costs of running them…

Did you know that 85%
of the pump life-cycle
cost is related to the
daily operation of the

And that you can
typically save 30-50%
energy by a simple
pump audit of your
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Pumps & pumping
systems are key
elements of any
process, which should
ensure un-interrupted
working to avoid
break-down, production
loss and man-hours
loss in the plant. By
ensuring that your
systems operate
efficiently, you do not
only save money but
also help to protect the

With an aim to provide
you better after sales
support on our installed
pumps, we propose to
organize a free pump
health check-up camp
at your doorstep.

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It will be our genuine
pleasure to conduct an
in-house technical
seminar for engineering,
project & maintenance
teams in your
organization on "Pump
basics & its operation".
Held for a duration of
about 2-3 hours, the
seminar will be
organized on free of
cost basis only. Please
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Himanshu Engineers
specialises in high
pressure tube, pipe &
tank cleaning using
high pressure water

We have the
experience, required to
review the particular
condition of the task
and employ the
appropriate cleaning
technique for every
unique application.
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Atlas Copco - a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions
was founded in 1873, is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and has a global reach
spanning more than 180 countries and 37000+ employees.

About Atlas Copco in India

Established in 1960, We provide our customers with the solutions they need to
enhance productivity and achieve their manufacturing goals. We are a part of the Atlas
Copco Group, with extensive local presence, specializing in Compressed Air and Gas
Solutions, Construction Equipment and Portable Energy and Industrial Power Tools.
Our nationwide service personnel are always close at hand to provide repairs, service
and spare parts locally. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities today at Pune and
Chakan, the company has a global engineering competency centers for compressors at
Pune. Atlas Copco (India) Ltd provides its customers with the solutions they need to
enhance productivity and achieve their manufacturing goals. Our vision is not only to
be, but also remain First in Mind—First in Choice® of our stake holders.
Highest reliability
GA series is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and
ISO 1217 compliant. Long and
trouble-free life at the lowest operating

Reduced energy costs
Our G/GX compressors offers a quiet
alternative to piston compressors
thanks to their rotary screw technology,
greatly reducing vibrations. Full sound
enclosure for extra low noise levels.
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Oil-lubricated screw compressors GA
Our market-leading GA oil-injected
rotary screw compressor delivers
outstanding performance, high
productivity and low cost of ownership -
even in the harshest environments.
Protecting your systems and
Treated air helps prevent pipework
corrosion, product spoilage and
premature failure of pneumatic

Maintaining the quality of your end
A complete range of products with dew
points from +3 to -70 °C to ensure the
correct air quality for your application.
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Air dryers
Our range of air dryers protect your
systems and processes in a reliable,
energy-efficient and cost-effective way.
In-house development and testing
Our dedicated filtration team is
responsible for in-house development of
cutting-edge filtration solutions. This
results in expert know-how of filtration
mechanisms, state-of-the-art test
facilities and breakthrough innovations.

Rigorous quality control
To ensure highest standard, the entire
filter range is produced in-house, on the
most advanced production lines, using
the most stringent methods in the
industry. Please
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Compressed air filters and filtration
A wide selection of filtration solutions
for compressed air with different filter
types and grades. Supported by our
expert application knowledge.
AIRScan is a comprehensive audit of
your entire compressed air installation,
including energy input, air flow demand,
system pressure, air quality, pressure
drops, and more, over a significant

Performed by highly trained Energy
Consultants, AIRScan offers a reliable
analysis and well-founded
recommendations for energy efficiency
improvements. Please
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AIRScan - Audit your compressed
air installation with AIRScan
AIRScan offers a reliable analysis and
well-founded recommendations to
improve your energy efficiency.
AIRnet Aluminium is the most effective
solution for your air or gas network. Its
fast and easy installation gets your
operations up and running in record
time. AIRnet is leak-proof and
corrosion-free. Its pipes and fittings
come with a 10-year warranty. Please
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AIRnet, compressed air piping
AIRnet is a piping solution that
guarantees operational excellence for
compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and
other inert gas applications. Available in
aluminium and stainless steel.
Reduce energy consumption,
eliminate emissions, save money
Compressed air is one of the most
important utilities for the industry. It is
also one of the largest consumers of
energy. Therefore, compressor energy
savings have a significant impact on
costs and on the environment.

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Compressor Energy Recovery
Save energy with oil-injected GA or
oil-free ZR compressors
Reduce pressure band
Optimizer 4.0, our newest central
controller, links all compressors and
dryers and lowers your overall pressure
band. Stable pressure contributes to
production quality. Please
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Optimize your air flow with central
A tighter pressure band will stabilize
your system and lower your energy