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Incorporated in the year 1976, "Filter Machines Private Limited" has state of the art
manufacturing unit with the latest machines keeps us confident and encourages us to make its
Fully Automatic Filter Press, Automatic Filter Press, Chamber Filter Press, Automatic Industrial
Filter Press, Filter Press, Cast Iron Filter Press, Semi Auto Filter Press, Clarifier Equipment, Filter
Clothes, Filter Feed Pumps, PP Frame Type Plates, PP Membrane Plates and PP Recessed Plates,
that have better quality, durability and operational functionality. Filter Machines Pvt Ltd
incorporates advance machinery, more refined designs and superior techniques into
manufacturing Filter Press.
been used successfully in almost every industrial filtration application over its 150 years of
history. It includes a series of filter plates and frames or recessed plates which are arranged
alternately. The filter medium is provided in between the plates. A feeding pump is utilized to
force the liquid through the medium leaving the solid trapped inside. Compared to other any
other. A closer is required which can be manual or hydraulically operated. The closer containing a
controlling a follower plate presses the plates together, creating a sealed unit.
Filter Press

Standard Sizes:
• 600 Mm X 600 MM        
• 1000 MM X 1000 MM
• 1200 MM X 1200 MM
• 800 MM X 800 MM        
• 1500 MM X 1500 MM
Standard Sizes:
• 600 MM X 600 MM        
• 1000 MM X 1000 MM
• 760 MM X 760 MM        
• 1200 MM X 1200 MM
• 800 MM X 800 MM        
• 1500 MM X 1500 MM
• 900 MM X 900 MM
Automatic Filter Press
• Filter plates are made of strengthened polypropylene through mold pressing, high in strength,
light in weight, corrosion resisted, non-poisonous and odorless;
• Programmed arm tie, electrical system controlled, hydraulic system controlled or computer
controlled, completely automatic;
• Hydraulic devices are adopted for pressing and releasing filter plates with maximum pressing
pressure of 25 MPa, and automatic pressure maintaining by using electro connecting pressure
• The maximum filtering pressure is 1.0 MPa to ensure optimum conditions of cake formation and
pressure filtration;
• Simple in operation, safe and labor saving, use buttons on the control panel to control
continuous actions, and safe in operation with multiple safety devices.
Standard Sizes:
• 600 Mm X 600 MM        
• 1000 MM X 1000 MM
• 760 MM X 760 MM        
• 1200 MM X 1200 MM
• 800 MM X 800 MM        
• 1500 Mm X 1500 MM
• 900 MM X 900MM
Semi-automatic Filter Press
Perfectly designed shifting mechanism eliminates manual labor completely.  Device automatically
shifts one plate at a time towards the sliding plate creating enough gap to enable filter cake to
fall down by its down weight. Hydraulic or electric motor can be supplied for shifting with total
speed control.
It is used in area where huge quantity of slurry with less solid
content. Commonly it is used in effluent treatment, water treatment
& sewage treatment plant.
Drip tray is available in following MOC :
• PP
• Mild Steel
• SS304-316
Drip Tray
Conventional filter presses filter only
75-80% of the batch in the first 50%
of the cycle time. If the plate stack is
Membrane Filter Press

Increased Cake Dry Solids
before the wash cycle is begun. This pre-squeeze eliminates channeling (cracks and less
well-formed areas of the cake) and produces a uniform, homogeneous filter cake and optimum
wash efficiency.

Improved Cake Wash Capability
By applying a high pressure squeeze to the filter cake you produce the final cake with solids
content from 50 to 100% greater than can be achieved with conventional filter presses. This is
important for either maximum yield, where a high value liquid is your product, or high
solids-content, where reduced moisture in the final cake is critical.

The membrane squeeze plate is offered to suit up to 16 bar squeezing pressure. Due to
additional liquid extraction during the squeeze cycle, solid percentages increase. Filtration cycle
time are reduced compared to the conventional recess chamber plate (Plate and frame) filter
press, resulting in Benefits of membrane plates v/s chamber plates. Conventional type filter
presses are limited to using feed pump discharge pressure to produce dry solids, resulting in
longer cycle times.

The membrane squeeze plate reduced the long packing cycle by introducing a squeeze medium
in to the center of the membrane squeeze plate. This allows the membranes to flex against the
cake, compressing and packing it. Filtration cycle are shorter, dry solids are increased, and
waste volume is reduced.

This membrane is designed to de-water the most difficult sludge and protects the plates
against potential cake less chambers.

The high pressure membranes were developed for difficult filtration processes. Extreme
squeeze pressure is possible due to the combination of the special feed inlet design and
selected special materials.
• 630 MM X 630 MM        
• 1200 MM X 1200 MM
• 800 MM X 800 MM        
• 1500 MM X 1500 MM
• 870 MM X 870 MM        
• 1500 Mm X 2000 MM
• 1000 MM X 1000 MM        
• 2000 MM X 2000 MM
Manufacturing Filter Press Pc. from Woven and Non-woven filter

Filter Press Pcs. for Wooden filter press, Cast iron filter press, PP
filter press, Recess filter press, Membrane filter press etc.
Filter Clothes
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