Highest energy efficiency rating worldwide
Grundfos motors achieve world-class rating
Do you want to experience the benefits of extreme energy efficiency and outstanding pump
performance? It’s all possible today with the new Grundfos IE5 motor.

As an industry pioneer, Grundfos is excited to introduce one of the world’s most efficient motors,
the new MGE with IE5 motors, which offers 10% energy savings and up to 25% reduction in
payback time of controlled E-pumps compared to IE3 solution.

Delivering an unprecedented level of performance, this ground breaking motor by far exceeds the
coming IE3 legislative demands to meet the strictest criteria of IE5 – the highest energy efficiency
level for electrical motors. All Grundfos MGE motors – from 0.75 kW to 11 kW – have attained IE5

The key to these MGE motors unparalleled performance lies in their state-of-the-art intelligent
components. These will adapt to the surrounding system and, coupled with the high-efficiency IE5
motor, drive your energy consumption down considerably.

The IE5 motor with integrated frequency converter connects the accumulated pump experience of
Grundfos into the dedicated control software. This combination of pump and customisable
software optimises your system’s performance for any load point, delivering an unsurpassed
reduction of energy consumption.

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"Sustainability is not a
department or a report"
Mads Nipper, CEO of
Grundfos, held a keynote
speech at this year's
Grundfos Prize, where he
focused on bridging the
mental gap between doing
business and doing good in
the world. It's not a
question of either/or, he
said. You will only succeed,
when you do good while
you make money.
Wide range of pumps for industry, water utilities and buildings.
MGE MOTORS now marked IE5
Join Global Senior Program Manager, Preben Poulsen and learn more about the benefits of

New Technical Specification IEC60034-30-2 for VFD motors containing IE5

Comparison to IEC60034-30-1 for standard motors

Worth knowing about Grundfos IE5 offering:
> Motor technology
> Documentation
> Energy savings and pay back time
Get insights on IE5 efficiency and what it means to you
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savings and optimise business.
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How much can you
save on your pumps?
PUMP AUDIT and find
If you think pumps are
expensive, consider the
costs of running them…

Did you know that 85%
of the pump life-cycle
cost is related to the
daily operation of the

And that you can
typically save 30-50%
energy by a simple
pump audit of your
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Pumps & pumping
systems are key
elements of any
process, which should
working to avoid
break-down, production
loss and man-hours
loss in the plant. By
ensuring that your
systems operate
efficiently, you do not
only save money but
also help to protect the

With an aim to provide
you better after sales
support on our installed
pumps, we propose to
organize a free pump
health check-up camp
at your doorstep.

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pleasure to conduct an
in-house technical
seminar for engineering,
project & maintenance
teams in your
organization on "Pump
basics & its operation".
Held for a duration of
about 2-3 hours, the
seminar will be
organized on free of
cost basis only. Please
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Himanshu Engineers
specialises in high
pressure tube, pipe &
tank cleaning using
high pressure water

We have the
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