Industrial Cleaning
High pressure water jetting systems
With more than 25 years of experience in industrial cleaning, we are capable  
of tailoring solutions to unique applications.
Heat exchanger and boiler maintenance

Himanshu Engineers specialises in high pressure tube, pipe & tank cleaning using high
pressure water jetting. We have the experience, required to review the particular
condition of the task and employ the appropriate cleaning technique for every unique

In our tube cleaning experience since 1989, we have found that other tube cleaning
methods such as bullets, hosing, pickling etc. have proved to be ineffective in removing
the scale embedded in the tube pits. Our high pressure water jetting care system is a
package designed to provide complete 360° I.D. tube cleaning without harming the
tube base metal. Our aim is to restore and maintain maximum operating efficiency for
every condenser and heat exchanger we clean.
Tube and pipe cleaning

Himanshu Engineers have engineered tube cleaning methods that promote a safer,
faster and better cleaning operation. Our aim is to promote the longevity of the tubes
and as an added bonus, bring down the overall production cost of a plant. Our high
pressure water jetting system is a superior cleaning method and has cost saving
benefits for the immediate and the long term life of the tubes.
Air heater cleaning

Himanshu Engineers has produced customised cleaning solutions for cleaning and
maintaining air heater baskets. The systems incorporated are capable of running a
variation of pressures and flows to suit basket conditions. Regular cleaning of air
heater baskets has been found to not only improve the differential pressures but the
longevity of the baskets as well.
Industry specific applications:

To remove residue chemical from boiler tubes, tanks, valves, evaporation, heat
exchangers, tube bundles, pipe, vessels, reactors, cooling towers and facilities. Calcium
carbonate and sulphate, chorides, hard polymers, iron oxide, coke, hard carbon, PVC
and PVA on heat exchangers.

Cleaning of grease, oil, pitch dirt, and wood pulp from heat exchangers, tubes,
foundries, press sections of paper machines, suctions rolls, stock chests and lines.

Removal of grease, fats, oils, dirt, dough & food residues from vats, ovens, mixers,
conveyors and facilities.

Removal of hardened bauxite dust on mills, filters, floors, tanks, sumps and sewers.

Removal of Paint and solder from booths, machinery, grating and conveyors.

To remove dirt, grease, and product build-up on grates, floors, external piping, bins
walls, hopper cars and handling equipment. Cooker hearths and preheater columns,
bins, hopper cars, floors, rotary kilns & walls.

Cleaning of asphalt, dirt, concrete, motor, tar, grease, mastic and clay on vehicles, mix
trucks and machinery.

Removal of marine growth, barnacles, loose paint & rust on ship hulls, docks, ballasts,
platforms, storage tanks and boilers. Underwater cleaning of pipe and drilling platforms
of barnacles and marine growth to "white metal".

Pre-maintenance cleaning of dumpers, drag lines, underground haulage lines and
shafts; unclogs plant machinery due to coal, rock dust, mud or oils.

Cleaning reservoirs and containers; sewer & drain pipes; sanitation equipment and
refuse vehicles.

Cleaning choked U tube exchangers, flash from pre-heater tubes; hand tools and

Removing grease, dirt and deposits in truck and undercarriages and tank cars.

Water scale, coke, hard carbons and polymers in heat exchangers, pipe, tubes and

For descaling and pickling. Cleaning water scale, coke, ore or line in heat exchangers,
flues, boilers, open hearths, furnaces, chutes, and hoppers.

Removing paint, rust, refractory buildup, salts, concrete and marine growth cleaned to
"white metal" by wet blasting.
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Himanshu Engineers
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high pressure water