Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers


VARALKA air oil coolers,constructed using bar and plate technology, are specially designed for oil cooling in industries and mobile vehicles. Rugged and robust, our heat exchangers are able to deliver under the most demanding operating environments.

Oil side turbulators and airside fins are placed between aluminium braze sheets and fitted with long and short solid aluminium profiles. The assembled unit is then brazed with precise control of time and temperature. Thereafter hollow aluminium profiles are welded on both sides of this core, which serve as oil inlet and outlet manifolds. Our product portfolio offers multiple core depths, sizes, and fin densities to meet any application and system performance needs.


Advantages of VARALKA’s Air Oil Coolers:

  • Cooling elements, made from high-grade aluminium alloys
  • Designed for use with a variety of hydraulic, transmission, lubricating and engine oils and water-glycol mixtures.
  • Can be fitted with AC motors, DC Motors, Hydraulic motors
  • Available with high-performance air fins or alternatively with low fouling cooling air fins
  • Low Noise versions are available for most models
  • Light weight and compact size – 2-3 times smaller than the copper tube and fin coolers
  • High Working Pressure – 20 bar working pressure and 35 bartest  pressure
  • Floating brazing junctions allow coolers to withstand pulsating oil flows.
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