Double Wall Plate Heat Exchangers

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

Double Wall Plate Heat Exchangers


Double Wall PHEs are a compact solution to conventionally used double wall shell and tubes and double coils.

The double plates offer maximum safety against intermixing of the two fluids in the plate type heat exchanger. The double plates are constructed by laser welding 2 identical plates around the ports. The thin air gap between the plates ensures that if any one of the two fluids would leak through the first plate it would leak to atmosphere and would be visible outside.


Some Applications of Double Wall PHEs are:

Transformer Oil Cooling: Water contamination in transformer oil can result in severe damage to the transformer and can result in plant shutdowns.

Lube Oil Cooling: Oil mixing with the cooling medium (sea, lake, river or cooling tower water), can cause severe damage to the environment. Also, if the cooling medium mixes with the oil, serious damage can be caused to the equipment being cooled.

Quench Oil Cooling: Water mixing with quench oil can cause a steam explosion.

Chemical Processes: Intermixing of process media can create accelerated corrosion, an explosion, undesirable chemical reactions or contamination. Ex: Accelerated corrosion results in chlorated hydrocarbons intermix with water to produce hydrochloric acid.

Food and Pharma Processes: Product intermixing with the other media may contaminate the final product.

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