Dosing Tank Station (DTS)

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

Dosing Tank Station (DTS)



Grundfos Configurable Dosing Tank Stations
Storing and dosing liquid chemicals

Dosing Tank Stations (DTS) are the first choice in the matter of economic efficiency when adding liquids as coagulants, disinfectants or neutralizing agents in a precise and controlled way to a process.

Dosing tank stations are intended for storing and dosing liquid chemicals. Many different configurations can be selected and applied flexibly to fulfil various dosing tasks.

Due to the use of high-quality materials, dosing tank stations can be employed universally for diverse dosing liquids. The selection of materials can be adapted via the configuration.

Components and features;

  • > Chemically resistant tank made of UV-stabilised, semitransparent or black polyethylene, in 6 sizes from 15 up to 264 gallons, with embossed liter scale and PE screw cover
  • > Optional PE collecting tray
  • > Optional handheld mixer or electric mixer with level switch for dry-running protection.
  • > Rigid suction lance or foot valve made of PE, with 2-step level switch for dry-running protection, suction line to the dosing pump
  • > PVC or PP injection unit with 1/2” NPT process connection
  • > 33 ft PE or PVC discharge line
  • > Optional drain valve
  • > Optional tank inlet valve or dissolving hopper
  • > Multi-function valve
  • > Preparation and installation material for assembly of a dosing pump
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