Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

Welded Plate Heat Exchangers


Productivity improvements is an ongoing agenda for industries worldwide. Heat Recovery and Solvents Recovery can be a useful tool in this objective. Equipment to recover waste heat or solvents help in sustainable development as well as increased efficiency of processes.

Varalka welded heat exchangers offer a solution! Gas Heat Exchangers can be used for Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery, Waste Heat Recovery Heat Exchangers and Solvent Recovery.

These are all metal construction with plates welded to each other by laser welding.  These heat exchangers can be used to transfer heat from Gas to Gas or from Gas to Liquid.


Product Program

Connections Sizes As Required
Flow Rates upto 50,000 m3/hour. Larger Units can be offered
Working Temperature upto 900 deg C
Plate Materials SS304/316L, SS310, SS317, SS904L, SMo254, Hastelloy C-276
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